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Endgame - Win 1000 Cash & a Rare 1 SEAHORSE Stamp

We are pleased to finally launch ‘Endgame’, our long-awaited competition. Created by Arthur Brown, Endgame is fiendishly difficult and addictive. The winner will receive a £1 seahorse stamp (as shown), as well as £1000 in cash. If the winner is overseas, then the cash will be paid in the currency of their choice at current exchange rates.


How do you win? Read the story and look at the picture-clues. The solution lies within. When you have found the solution, you must send it to us using the form below along with a brief description of how you reached it. The solution is very short, but we will require the winner to submit a full written solution. The reason that we are asking for this explanation is that many competitions of this ilk have finished unsatisfactorily. That is to say that the solution has been found more by luck than acute thinking and research.


We will not answer any questions about Endgame. Everything you need to know is on this page. We have no idea how long it will take somebody to solve it. It could be days, months or even years.


The £1 Seahorse was a gift we very kindly received from a collector, who had heard we were planning this competition. As you can see it is in used condition. Those of you who have no knowledge of stamps might be surprised to learn that it is worth in excess of £200. Single stamps regularly change hands on eBay for over £5000. The rarest items have sold over £1million in the better philatelic auctions – that is £1million for just one rare stamp. Suddenly stamp collecting is more exciting than you first thought…or at least marginally so!


We hope this competition may encourage young people to take an interest in philately (stamp collecting). Some knowledge of stamps is required to reach the solution, but not an excessive amount. If the winner of this competition is under 30 years of age, we will also throw in a brand new Nintendo Wii.


Time to get to work then! As we said before, all solutions must be fully explained and no questions will be answered. We do not welcome telephone calls about Endgame, either. We are a small company and all our staff are very busy. We can assure you that all solutions will be quickly and properly appraised. The competition will be won, fair and square.

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