Sell My Stamp Collection

Also coins, postcards, cigarette cards, first day covers, coin covers, medals,

vintage toys, designer clothes and virtually all collectables.

Call us on 01455 202525, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm.

Thank you very much for the cheque for 375 which arrived yesterday. I just wanted to say that I was very pleased that you were able to buy my stamp collection, and hope that other people will enjoy the stamps. I know that my late father, whose collection it was originally, would have been pleased, as I wasn't doing anything with them, and I'm glad to have the money and the shelf space! I was very impressed by the whole process, and although it felt like a bit of a leap in the dark sending off the albums, it all went exactly as you said.

I will certainly tell friends about The Ten O'Clock Show adn recommend that they contact you if they have similar collections they would like to sell.

Ms Lesley Warner (Ilford)

' Just to say, thanks again for handling the sale of my late-husband's stamp and coin collection. 3650 was far more than I expected and I appreciated the cheque arriving within 48 hours of our agreement. Your company was the only one willing to take the whole collection, rather than cherry-picking the better items. I am going to put this money towards a new car and I would fully recommend The Ten O'Clock Show to anyone else in a similar position.'
Mrs V. Dawson (Hastings)

'Cheque has just arrived. Thanks again. 410 for a 1 PUC stamp was better than I had hoped. Will certainly call again, as I will be slimming down my collection further in the new year.'
Mr L. Davies (Cardiff)

'Just brilliant! 640, for my Cuban stamp collection. No other dealer even wanted to look at it. Was picked up by courier, within 24 hours, despite weighing over 40 kilos. Cannot recommend highly enough. I wish I was off to Havana with the money, but my wife wants a new washing machine.'
Mr R. Gould (Tamworth)

'The cheque turned up in the mail today. Thanks again. I have to say that I was a little disappointed to find that my PHQ cards were only worth 70. However, this was considerably more than two other dealers offered and your attitude was far less dismissive and rude. I amazed that you could pick my heavy albums up from Northern Ireland. My husband and I are down-sizing, so you can expect a call when I get my hands on his old train set!'
Mrs L. Howells (Belfast)

'Just wanted to express how happy I am to have found a dealer, willing to buy all of my excess material. It has enabled me to buy large collections on the internet and take out what I want. I am more than happy with what I am getting for the remaining items. Now I hope to complete my Ceylon collection, within the year.'
Mr J Ahmed (Leicester)

Who are we?

We are a company based in South Leicestershire (we also have premises in Bloomsbury, Central London) dealing in stamps and collectables. We specialise in large collections and spend many 10,000s each month on accumulations.

What do we buy?

We are always looking to buy material of any kind, including stamps, covers postcards, coins, banknotes, cigarette cards and more. This can range from a good album right up to several tons of material. We are interested in your collection even if it is untidy. We also buy other collectables, such as vintage toys and games.

Why choose The Ten O'Clock Show Ltd?

Most dealers will only be interested in the rarer items in any collection. They will usually put a value of zero on the remainder as they cannot sell them. While we also look for the better items in any collection, we put a value on any material sent to us. This is because The Ten O'Clock Show has a worldwide customer-base of many thousands. We are confident of selling general common material, as well as the rarer items. This is why we consistently offer more money than any of our competitors.

What is the stamp valuations procedure?

We will usually arrange a courier to collect the goods at our expense. Once the collection has been valued, we will call you with our offer. If the offer is acceptable to you, we will send a cheque within 7 days. However, if the offer is declined, we will return your collection, promptly, at no cost to you.

What happens next?

To discuss a valuation call us on 01455 202525, Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. We always prefer to discuss a valuation on the telephone, prior to beginning the process. We guarantee that your phone number will not be passed on to any third party. Nor will you be pestered by us with phone calls, if you decide not to proceed. We receive more enquiries than any other UK dealer and are far too busy for that!

You can also arrange to bring your collection, in person, to either our Leicestershire or Central London office. You must arrange an appointment with us first.

Alternatively, fill out the form below or simply send the goods (including a covering letter), by registered post to the following address:

The Ten O'Clock Show Ltd,
Bay Tree Cottage,
47 Lutterworth Road,

LE10 2DJ


Enquire using the form below. However, if you wish to to proceed immediately with our courier valuation service, please use this alternate form

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We Buy Stamps and Collectables

Collection Valuations with the Ten O'Clock ShowAre you looking to sell your stamps or collectables? We offer a free valuation service, throughout the UK. We guarantee to make an offer on any collection we view.

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The Ten O'Clock Show Ltd
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LE10 2DJ
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