About Us

The Ten O'Clock Show Ltd is one of the fastest growing on-line stamps and collectables companies in the world today. We auction more large philatelic accumulations than any other online trader. Our auction listings receive around 250,000 page views a month from collectors all over the world. Many now use us as their sole source for new material.

All our auctions (which can be found on eBay) end just after 10pm (UK time), most nights of the week. This is why we call our business The Ten O'Clock Show. At 10pm, collectors all over the planet log on to the internet and bid on our accumulations.

If you wish to sell your stamp collection, or other collectables, then you have come to the right place. We consistently offer better prices for material, than our competitors. Most dealers have a specific customer base (e.g. 'German covers' or 'early British stamps'). When they buy a private collection, they will base their offer on what they can sell. The balance of the collection is of little interest to them and may well be thrown away.

We are different in that all of the collection, no matter how incomplete or untidy, is of interest to us. We have a vast consumer base and can make an offer based on the collection as a whole. This is why we consistently make higher offers than other companies. However diverse or untidy the material is, we are confident that we can sell it effectively.

Take a look at our current eBay listings. You will find an immense range of accumulations on offer. We work harder than any other company to photograph lots effectively. The Ten O'Clock Show continues to grow at a phenomenal pace, because we give buyers and sellers what they want.

If you would like to come and visit us, please call to arrange an appointment. Our opening hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm. Our telephone number is 01455 202525. Visiting allows us to value your collection, without it leaving your site. While many people choose to take advantage of our 'free courier' offer. Visiting us enables you to view our huge range of accumulations, available for instant purchase.

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We Buy Stamps and Collectables

Collection Valuations with the Ten O'Clock ShowAre you looking to sell your stamps or collectables? We offer a free valuation service, throughout the UK. We guarantee to make an offer on any collection we view.

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Contact Us

The Ten O'Clock Show Ltd
Bay Tree Cottage
47 Lutterworth Road, Burbage
LE10 2DJ
Tel: (44)01455 202525 (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm)
Email: mail@thetenoclockshow.co.uk