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Philatelic Investment PDF Print E-mail
Stamp collecting is a very popular hobby that has been around for generations. The hobby has been so popular that some philatelic enthusiasts take it to serious levels involving money. Stamp investing has become a serious business, making it go beyond collecting, which only about collecting as much items as one can find.

New rare stamps recently unveiled in Asia PDF Print E-mail
Stamps that highlight Vietnamís birds, specifically the partridges as well as pheasants of the country was launched in Vietnamís Ministry of Post and Telecommunication.

Collecting Rare Stamps PDF Print E-mail
Believe it or not, investing in rare stamps is a normal occurrence. Usually, the collection and gathering of rare stamps is a hobby that is better appreciated by the advanced collectors. Unbelievably, rare stamps are investments that are of the tangible kind. Compared to art they are also a worthwhile and enjoyable investment especially for enthusiasts.

Methods of Stamp Collecting PDF Print E-mail
Stamp collecting, for the uninitiated, is the collection of stamps from around the globe. Technically, it is called a philatelic collection. And if you think itís a hobby for kids and weird ones, youíll be surprised at how many people, great and small have been indulging in this hobby for years. It has become serious enough that people are setting up and maintaining organizations that study these postal artifacts with care and respect.

Special Stamps PDF Print E-mail
While snail mail has definitely been declining since it has been replaced by email, a lot of people still value and cherish old fashioned writing. Ask anyone in this hi-tech world, and most would admit to be excited to see real mail on their old mail box, well, as long as it is not a bill or an advertisement. Among the great joys of traditional mail are the stamps that are also starting to become extinct. Stamps add a nice, nostalgic feel to mailed envelopes, and they can also be collected as a hobby.

Stamp Collecting for Beginners PDF Print E-mail
The basic rule of stamp collecting is to enjoy what you're collecting and take good care of your stamps. Other than that, you can collect whatever stamps you like and display them in whatever way you like.

US Stamp Designs PDF Print E-mail
For quite a long time, it was the postmaster general who decided on the design of stamps that will be issued. However, the US legislators started making laws about the subjects to be featured on stamps, giving rise to the formation of a committee that will review the stamp designs.

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