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Rare Postage Stamps PDF Print E-mail
Postage stamps are thoroughly used in all parts of the World. Everyday, a huge number of stamps are printed in the World.

Begin Stamp Collecting PDF Print E-mail
Although the advent of the Internet, electronic mails (e-mails), cellphones, and instant messaging services (IMS) ignited the four corners of the world to develop into one huge wireless global village. The high technological communication advancements slowed down the use of postage stamps. Nonetheless, stamp collecting is still one of the most popular hobbies worldwide. Stamp collecting to some individuals is more than just a fascinating hobby. Stamp collecting can also be a good form of investment.

Famous stamp collectors PDF Print E-mail
While hobbyists organize their personal stamp collection, most often they enjoy the philatelic pursuits of other collectors. There are stamp collectors clubs all over the world and with that, a number of Famous stamp collectors are recognized.

Start Collecting Stamps PDF Print E-mail
Stamps are small self adhesive paper cut outs having amazing art works printed on them and are used as a means for paying postage. Stamps are miniature icons and memento of major national events and achievements. Before the concept of stamps was originated, the person at the receiving end of the postage was been charged depending on the number of pages sent by post and the distance it has traveled. Stamps made it all easy as we could now pay before hand for the postage making it far more convenient for both the sender and the receiver. The hobby of collecting such postage stamps is popularly known as Stamp Collection.

Stamp Collecting Tools PDF Print E-mail
There are no specific tools used for stamp collecting. However, great majority of collectors used few helpful tools that are essential for making a stamp collecting hobby hassle free, and it also minimize damage infliction to your collections.

Finding the Value of old postage stamps PDF Print E-mail
You may have stumbled on a box filled with old postage stamps that maybe your great grandparents had and simply became curious if they are of any value; you have come to the right place. You will be surprised to know as to how much is a stamp worth. Postage stamps have their own corresponding values; its just that older postage stamps are worth a bit more. The value of old postage stamps enormously varies depending on how uncommon the stamps are. The rarer your old postage stamp, the more valuable it will be.

USPS stamps PDF Print E-mail
USPS stamps are widely famous among American stamp collectors and even outside US. There are about hundreds of rare us stamps that caught the attention of many stamps enthusiasts.

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