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Revenue stamp PDF Print E-mail
A revenue stamp, tax stamp or fiscal stamp is a type of adhesive label used to collect taxes or fees on various items. Many countries of the world have used them, for documents, tobacco products, liquor, drugs, playing cards, hunting licenses and other kinds of things. While revenue stamps often resemble postage stamps, they were not intended for use on mail and therefore did not receive a postal cancellation. However, revenue stamps can display cancellation markings, three types being by manuscript signature of the person canceling the stamp (usually with date), by hand stamp identifying the canceling agent (also usually with date), or by punch; otherwise, they may be simply affixed to a product in such a way so as to be invalidated or destroyed upon its unpackaging.

German Postage Stamps PDF Print E-mail
German Postage Stamps has a unique history in the sense that it covers a time period from the year 1849 in Bavaria, right up to the reunited Germany since 1990. There is a very interesting tit bit about German Postage Stamps that very few know about. The German Democratic Republic once issued a stamp made entirely of synthetic chemicals, a phenomenon which is quite rare.

Postage Stamps Collecting PDF Print E-mail
Before you start your new collection, decide on a theme that you are interested in and want to collect. Themes can vary from such topics as Sports, Countries, Flora and Fauna through to topics such as flags, pop idols and royalty. Now you can start by going to your local post office and purchase new stamps.

Foreign Stamp Collecting PDF Print E-mail
Stamp collecting is a very popular hobby in the world over as it involves the collecting of postage stamps, which is very exciting and unique. Foreign stamp collecting is a part of this popular hobby, where the collector shows keen interest for stamps of all countries around the world and all the other related material such as envelopes with stamps on them, covers etc.

Stamp Collection Care PDF Print E-mail
Just like stamp collection requires a lot of time similarly taking good care of those stamps is vitally important. Stamp Collection involves a schematic arrangement of the collected stamps and preserving their quality. Stamps having poor quality wont make a good impression on anyone looking at your stamp collection efforts.

Buy and Exchange Postage Stamps PDF Print E-mail
For stamp collectors, stamp collecting can be more exciting if you know where and how to get your collections. Whenever you collect a stamp, always remember that, someday, it will become rare and will worth a lot of money. So handle your collected stamps well.

Enjoying the Art of Stamp Collecting PDF Print E-mail
All over the world today, stamp collecting is the most practiced hobby among many hobbyists. It is been considered as an art among art practitioners around the world. Because of its meaningful nature, artistic attributes and valuable essence, stamp collecting became famous for such descriptions.

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